Vision and Mission Statements


We, in Escoltas Specialized Security Agency, Inc.(ESSAI) aim to be the leading security agency in the industry, providing superior security services at fair price through our staff who are highly trained, competent, and dependable security personnel with extensive experience in military and industrial security – complemented with an essence of uncompromising Commitment to Customers Satisfaction, by offering a unique package, at fair price, and service assortment. 


We are committed to provide superior services at reasonable price by offering a unique package, reasonable price, and service “assortment, particularly on industrial security, through our most important resource, our management staff and security officers/security guards, who are competent, professional, dependable, responsive, innovative and excellent with customers (even the angry one) and very good in everything they do – all in willing service to our clients, and specializing in the protection of organizations and individuals that require specialized security operations in a wide range of security aspects by employing highly trained guards, corporate security consultants/resident consultants, executive protection, and investigation and background check that is:

  • Professional
  • Responsive
  • Reliable, Unique , & Innovative

Our people, as our most important resource, are characterized by the following values and are committed to achieving excellence in their field through continuous improvement:


T  EAMWORK We work together as a team to increase productivity and efficiency. We plan together and execute the job together to ensure good result. We understand that the results of any business, namely: profits, sales, quality products and services come from concerted effort called TEAMWORK. We are a dynamic team working in synergy to get things done toward a common goal, the fulfilment of our vision and mission.

I   NTEGRITY Our company is dedicated to having our customers receive what was promised by us; we believe that our company will prosper only when all our employees feel the same way, and we are determined that neither customer nor employees will be hassled. We work in an environment of trust, resulting in peaceful collaborative relationship among our employees/associates. We adhere to righteousness and absence of abuse or unprofessional acts. We expose vulnerabilities and remove obstacles that hinder effective business and anticipate and respond to crisis.

L OYALTY Our guards are loyal to their job and to the clients they are assigned. When decisions are necessary, we generally resolve the matter after carefully considering which would be best for our company and client. Our guards can be trusted with confidential information without concern. We adhere to sincere and true allegiance and commitment to one's organization and client's goals, principles and mission. We are closer to our clients than anything else, as we are fortunate enough to be in their service. We encourage our guards that when they find themselves torn between their loyalty to their superiors, peers and friends on the one hand, and to the client on the other, their duty is first to the client.

E XCELLENCE We strive for excellence in all our endeavours and be committed to achieving excellence in the industry through continuous improvement of our quality system. We get into the habit of doing things promptly and to the best of our ability, always looking for easier, quicker and better means in doing them in the future. We strive to continue our process improvement, practice participative management and make use of cooperative teams to achieve excellence.

ERVICE We strictly adhere to security standards, ensuring that right and cost-effective security countermeasures are installed for the benefit of our clients. We enhance vigilance, readiness and willingness of our people to provide efficient services in the protection of our client's assets, with our service second to none. We conform to clients’ requirements through good operating practices and adhere to quality standard as a way of life, which makes us different from our competitors.

Our role is to shield you from potential dangers by providing specialized security services customized to your security needs that allow you to continue your enterprises with confidence.