Quality Policy

ESSAI commits to provide superior security services that conform with the requirements or exceed the expectations of its customers at fair contract price through continuous improvement of its quality system.

In support of this commitment, ESSAI shall:

  • Supports, coordinates and maintains at all levels of the company the employees' efforts to contribute to continuous improvement of quality security services by forming cooperative teams;

    • Allows its managers and security officers to recognize and remove barriers to change and to solicit the opinions and ideas of their associates and do something about those good ideas;

      • Hires only highly qualified guards then develops and harnesses their full potential to work smarter, not harder, as "Quality people make quality products and services."

        • Concentrates on prevention methods to make quality a way of life and perpetuate an attitude of "   Do it right the first time and all the time."

        We tailor our services to meet our client’s specific needs. Quality is our way of life, which makes us different from our competitors.