Escoltas Specialized Security Agency, Inc.(ESSAI) is a growing security agency which will continuously strive to meet the needs of its customers for total value by offering a specialized security services , complemented by a (1)unique package, (2) fair contract price, and(3) service assortment such as Corporate Security Consultancy, Security Operations Management, Risk Assessment/Security Survey, Executive Protection, Deployment of Uniformed Guards, Detective Works/Undercover Investigations, Background Investigation, Pre-Employment Screening, Corporate Internal Inquiries, Executive Safety & Protection, Technical Surveillance Detection & Countermeasures, Industrial Contingency and Bomb Threat Countermeasures, and Integrated Electronics Security Functions to secure and protect our clients’ properties, products and all other assets, backed by our experience and expertise in providing them with quality security services that conform or exceed to industry standards. Above all, we take pride in having a competent, dependable, responsive, innovative, highly trained, with vast experience and world class expertise management staff , with an accumulated over 60 years of experience in military/police, particularly on industrial security, who will ensure proper implementation of established security systems at clients’ premises, – all in willing service to our clients, and specializing in the protection of organizations and individuals that require specialized security operations customized to clients’ security needs.

Our role is to shield you from potential dangers by providing specialized security services customized to your needs that will provide you real-time defenses against real-time threats. With ESSAI, you can have peace of mind doing your business safely and confidently, knowing that your security is ensured by our highly skilled Security management team.