Brief History

Escoltas Specialized Security Agency (ESSAI) was established on September 16, 2011 per S.E.C. registration no.CS201121102, with the express objective of providing quality security services for its customers at par with the standard of first world countries. It’s in infantile period, but ESSAI was formed by a group of individuals who have at least 60 years accumulated experience in military and security works/business and who, in one way or the other, have achieved success in their respective professions. This group is united in the common vision of doing its share in upgrading the standards of management and operating procedures in the country’s industrial security, as well as, becoming the front-runner security agency in terms of security management’s professionalism and leading the way in providing superior security services within the first five years from its inception.

The company draws its distinctive competence from:

Having a multi-disciplinary staff of professionals

Having a continuing in-house research and development activities to sustain the quality of ESSAI services and security programs.

Having its own security and Executive Protection Training Academy, providing basic and specialized security training programs.

Provide our customers with quality services in the attainment of reasonable business profits through efficient operation and total quality management is the guiding principle with which ESSAI has always tried to live.

We understand and practice continuous quality improvement to lead the way in setting the quality standard in security services at reasonable cost